What private investors expect: personalized advice

According to a CGI study

The overwhelming majority of respondents (91%) think it is essential that their bank perceive them as a person, and almost 1 in 5 respondents (19%) is willing to pay a surcharge so that his bank offers him a more personalized service. Europeans would be much more inclined to pay for personalized services (22%) than North Americans (14%) and Australians (16%). The Swedes, on the other, are the most likely (27%) to accept to pay for this type of service. Respondents felt that banks should be aware of their short-term and long-term financial goals to help them achieve them. However, only 24% of respondents on average believe their Bank understands their current objectives. Geographic location data is also at the top of the list of information banks should hold on their customers. According to respondents, this information would allow them to direct them to good business at the local level. In addition to geographic data, most respondents feel that their banks do not know them or are simply unaware of their bank's information. Young respondents believe that their bank has more information about them than older respondents. However, this view is common to all age groups, since on average 62% of respondents regret a lack of knowledge of clients.


The challenge for the savings specialists is therefore to better know their customers to better advise them


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