Odonatech analyzes and values the data collected. We give advisors a 360° view of the profile of their clients. We help them tailor their advice to their clients’ personalities, preferences and risk tolerance. We contribute to a sustainable and increased customer relationship.

Company pitch by Stéphane Dothée at Forum 5i

Odonate is the scientific name of the Dragonfly. This animal has a perfect vision thanks to its faceted eyes.

Our technology from a behavioral finance lab is inspired by the operation of the Dragonfly’s eyes. Our algorithm measures every facet of the investor’s personality to restore a 360° vision of his needs.

We create the enhanced advisor


Our algorithm helps financial advisors understand the personality, emotions and cognitive bias of their clients.

We provide them with a tool box that allows them to personalize their advice by adapting it to the psychology of each of their clients.

We create the Enhanced Advisor.


Our partners

BPI France
Lauréat Réseau Entreprendre Isère
Rotary 38 – Business Creation Trophy
Savoie Mont-Blanc University


Viva Odo

We are present on Vivatech to present our solutions. A day full of encounters and promising contacts. A 45s preview.

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